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AO «Altaivagon» is one of the largest Russian plants for the production of railway freight rolling stock.

Having existed since 1941, the plant has a rich history of enterprise development, as well as experience in working with domestic and foreign partners from countries such as Kazakhstan, Estonia, Mongolia, China, Cuba, Iran, Hungary. Professionalism of the engineering division, modern technologies and production enable us to constantly improve quality and expand our product range. The new generation railcars are designed to satisfy consumers' wishes, and the company development is aimed at the modernization of production lines and the manufacture of innovative railcars.

At the moment, Altaivagon has 3 production sites:

  1. The parent company of AO «Altaivagon» is engaged in the development and manufacture of new models of freight rolling stock.

The main products of AO «Altaivagon» are about 20 models of modern cars of various types and designs for the transportation of any cargo. Production capacities of AO «Altaivagon» enable production of more than 10,000 freight cars per year. The main production workshops are capable of ensuring the manufacture of four car models simultaneously.

Our main goal is the development and production of innovative railcars, the production of domestic railcars in segments where the share of imports is high.

  2. The Rubtsovsk branch of Altaivagon produces steel car castings.

The Rubtsovsk branch of AO Altaiyvagon is one of the largest steel mills in Russia. Production capacity of the enterprise is 65,000 tons of steel castings per year, this is more than 60 items of small, medium and large car castings. The installed equipment enables completing the production program in the amount of 12,000 car sets per year. In the period from 2006 to 2014, the plant was reconstructed twice, two unique automatic molding lines that have no analogues in Russia were installed. Today, in terms of its technical equipment, the plant is one of the most modern both in Russia, and also in Europe. The main objective of the Rubtsovsk branch of AO Altaivagon is the supply of components for the manufacture of freight cars in the parent enterprise located in Novoaltaisk.

  3. Kemerovo branch of the company - Kemerovokhimmash - is engaged in the manufacture of equipment for the chemical and coal industries.

One of the largest chemical engineering plants outside the Urals. Since 2004, the branch has been manufacturing gondola cars, tanks, roll carriers, railway platforms. Today, Kemerovokhimmash manufactures more than 30 types of products.

The company also has a representative office in Moscow. The Moscow representative office is studying the sales market, thereby ensuring continuous work with potential and existing customers.